Plastic Sheeting

Bag Babe is your number one plastic sheeting supplier. We manufacture flexible heavy duty plastic sheeting for the construction and building industry, paint projects, agriculture applications and equipment covers.

Our builders sheeting is used in the construction industry as a damp-proof course. A horizontal layer of builders sheeting is laid in the walls as a barrier to resist moisture rising up through the structure and causing damage. The advantage of our plastic sheeting is that it has excellent puncture- and tear-resistant properties, while it won’t perish, crack or decay.

We also supply roof sheeting, which is specially manufactured for use under tiles and acts as a dust barrier, while adding waterproofing. Roof sheeting also prevents updrafts from lifting your tiles and helps protect your ceilings. When it comes to concrete flooring, you can use a damp-proof underlay that acts as waterproofing and prevents rising moisture. This kind of plastic sheeting, laid under the flooring, improves the curing of concrete and prevents contamination and unhealthy living conditions.

Our polyethylene sheeting is produced in a range of widths and thickness according to your requirements, as well as centrefold sheets that open up to double the width. We can supply plastic sheeting in large roll form or on smaller re-wound 30m rolls. Our plastic sheets are available in recycled- and virgin plastic – in black, smoky, or the colour of your choice.

We are a plastic sheeting manufacturer who practices strict quality controls. We use industry-leading European machinery, which ensures even thickness, weights and durability. This means your plastic sheets are manufactured to the highest standards, giving you the best possible product. Looking for a Plastic sheeting supplier? Look no further than Bag Babe. We will provide you with premium quality plastic sheeting for all your needs – whether you need roof sheeting, or plastic sheets for any other purpose.

Contact us now to get a quote. We are proud to give you a high quality product at competitive prices – with quick production- and delivery times too!